Scrapbook Embellishment Materials

Embellishments come made out of lots of different materials. There is metal, plastic, paper, plaster and cloth just to name a few.

Metal scrapbook embellishments can add lots of interesting texture to a scrapbook page. You do have to be careful of the weight though. You don't want the resulting page to be so heavy that things start falling off the page. Also, if you put it in a scrapbook album, make sure it's not so 3D that you can't fit it into a plastic page protector.

Metal embellishments range from those that are tin foil weight and those that are heavier like buttons and other doodads. You can get metal scrapbook embellishments in the form of pho
to corners, mini photo frames, buttons, brads, eyelets and more.

Adding a metal scrapbook embellishment to your page is just a little something unique to either help with the design or help to tell the story. For example, if you use photo corners on a photo it kind of gives it an antique feel. Metal instead of plastic is more historical of course!
Plastic scrapbook embellishments are often used for cheaper mass produced scrapbooking supplies. You will find the embellishments made from this material come in just about everything. Plastic can often imitate a more expensive material like metal as well - it's all in the detail and pain
ted effects that are added.

Plastic scrapbook embellishments are often in the form of "doo dads" or other little objects that are themed for a page. Things like flat little animal figures, cartoons, and other fun gimicky and kitschy designs. Also, most buttons are made of plastic. Buttons, as you may be aware, come in lots of different shapes and designs other than the traditional circular shape. There are leaves, trucks, balloons, bear and pretty much any design you are looking for. The flower buttons shown here are from eBay seller: Trina1173 .

Paper scrapbooking embellishments are used in stickers, 3D or flat flowers, photo corners and paper piecings. Paper scrapbook embellishments are often ones that you can try and reproduce yourself at home with very little or no cost. Make your own paper flower scrapbook embellishments like we talk about in a previous post.

Plaster embellishments for scrapbooks can be found in craft supply or home DIY stores. They are not necessarily made for scrapbooks, but you can use them. Little plaster casted ornamentation for a home or kitchen cupboard can be just the right size for scrapbooking. Take a look around your local home decor shop and see what you can find. If you are looking for something especially suited for a scrapbook page, check out these lovely keyholes from Melissa Frances .

Cloth and fabric can be used in scrapbooking embellishments as well. Of course there are lots of fabric or silk flowers available. Plus you can make lots of interesting things yourself out of cloth for a scrapbook embellishment. Make a tag, a photo frame, flowers, leaves, a quilted page or something else out of fabric to have as your own scrapbook embellishment.

I hope that gives you a rundown of the basic materials used in most scrapbooking embellishments. Maybe some ideas and inspiration to get you going on your next page.

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