Scrapbook Embellishments - Welcome


Here I plan to chat about ... you guessed it - scrapbooking embellishments. What are embellishments? They are those little bits and pieces that finish off a layout. They are the items that you use to fill in the blank spaces and that you use to bring attention to your photo's and journalling. Virtually anything can be used to embellish your layouts - in fact for many of us, it is the scrapbooking embellishments that make scrapbooking fun! I don't just use the standard scrapbooking store embellishments, I try to use as much stuff as I can from around the house. It is amazing how much stuff we throw out that could be used as scrapbooking embellishments on our layouts.

Lets go through some general scrapbooking embellishment ideas.

Slide Mount Embellishments

Slide mounts are the little cardboard frames that are used to mount slides (you know - from before digital cameras!) They can be used in many ways on your scrapbooking layouts. The most common way to use Slide mount embellishments is for framing photos or your journalling. The provide a frame, sort of a window into your layout and give it depth. I often also embellish the slide mounts themselves with may other scrapbooking materials including: ribbon, wires, various coloring including markers and paint, sparkles, fabrics, rub-ons, rubber stamping, cord, other natural materials - basically whatever you want.

Slide mount scrapbook embellishments add depth to your layouts and make them unique. They have a wide range of uses and with some other scrapbook materials and a dash of imagination, you will be able to use slide mounts to really enhance and make your scrapbooking layouts spectacular!

Metal Embellishments

Metal embellishments are one of the most popular accessories for scrapbooking layouts. There are literally hundreds of different types of metal scrapbook embellishments available for purchase from scrapbooking stores. Metal scrapbooking embellishments can also be found in places like hardware stores, sewing stores and just generally around the house. Use your imagination! Following are some of the more popular metal scrapbooking embellishments that are often used in scrapbooking layouts.

Spiral Clips.

These little clips are kind of like little washers and can be used for photo mats or any other image on your scrapbooking layouts. They come in a variety of sizes and colors - get lots of different ones so that you have options. I also use them to hold other things like ribbon or string on my pages. I also use them to hold clipped images (from magazines) as well as other photo's or images.

Safety Pins.

Safety pins are one of my favorite scrapbooking embellishments. The obvious use is for baby layouts, but I also use them for dark 'goth' type layouts. They can also be used to hold ribbons, metals, or any other type of ephemera that needs to be attached to a page. While they come in many different colors, they can also be painted and bent into other shapes - don't just use them as they come out of the package. Make them unique - make them yours.


Brads are a wonderful way to make unique scrapbook layouts. I use them in corners, in groups and to hold pages together. They are often used for decoration too. You can use them to hold other embellishments in place, to attach photos and images and they really enhance your scrapbooking layouts.

Metal Lettering

Metal letters are a recent addition to the scrapbooking world and are a wonderful way to modernize your scrapbooking layouts. They can be used in many different ways and are a really unique embellishment that can add tons of character and uniqueness to your scrapbook pages. They come in single letters, complete words and sayings. Combine them with other lettering or words to make your own sayings and most of all don't just use them as they come. Add shadows, offset or overlap them - again, use your imagination.


Eyelets are probably the most commonly used metal embellishment in scrapbooking layouts. They are used to hold things like photos, ribbons, fabrics - virtually anything in place. I often use ribbons, strings, wires, yarn through the eyelets as further enhancement to my pages. You will need an eyelet punch tool to use them, but the extra cost is well worth it to make your pages stand out.

Metal scrapbook embellishments are really taking off in the scrapbooking industry. They are widely used now and can be found in all scrapbooking stores and on-line scrapbooking stores and craft stores. Again, I remind you to keep an eye out where ever you are for unique metal embellishments - I love some of the brass and bronze stuff that I find at the hardware store.

Fabric for Scrapbook Embellishments

Fabric comes in such a wire array of colors and textures - probably more than paper. I see more and more fabric being used in layouts today. And don't be satisfied with the print that is on the fabric - color it, paint it use markers to make it blend into your layouts. There are many ways to attach fabric to your scrapbooking layouts including glues, rivets, brads and eyelets. And of course - sewing it. You can use your sewing machine - but sewing through paper will wreck your needle so make sure you change it when you go to use it again. Use thread or yarn to show the stitching and really make fabric your own special scrapbook embellishment. Always keep an eye out for unique and vintage fabrics - you really can't have to much of it around.

Metal Charms and Trinkets

Metal charms and hanging trinkets can be used to really personalize your scrapbooking layouts. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and themes and can be used on many different layouts. Symbols such as peace, religious can also be found as metal charms. As well there are many metal trinkets like teddy bears, little stars or moons - lots of different ideas to fit nearly any layout theme. Add charms to your travel ephemora or to memorabilia from your childhood or special days to make the theme of the page complete.

Metal charms and trinkets can be attached to your pages in a variety of ways including: safety pins, wire, string, sewing with a variety of materials and of course, glue. Your imagination is your only limit with these. Metal charms for scrapbook embellishments can be purchased at most large scrapbooking stores and on-line as well.

Paint, Chalk, Crayons, Pencil Crayons, Markers, etc.

The use of acid free writing or coloring tools is an easy way to add color to your pages. You can use chalk, paint or colored pencils on the edges of torn paper or photos. Die-cut, or stencil, or even paint a design or pattern onto your background paper. Of course, these are usually used for journalling, but any form of color or design make make your scrapbooking pages unique. You are an artist - use your tools!

Scrapbook embellishments are the fun part of scrapbooking and are what makes an ordinary scrapbooking layout special and spectacular.