Scrapbook Embellishments for Mothers Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Don't forget or you will have your mother to answer to! What about making your mother a scrapbook page to celebrate her. You could add lots of scrapbook embellishments to make it really unique and pretty. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Make your mother a scrapbook page all about her children. Embellish a mother's day scrapbook layout with drawings that her children have made - or grandchildren, if she's old enough. To make children's drawing scrapbook embellishments, scan the originals into your computer and then print them out in playing card size. They will be so cute that you will want to make them as collector's cards! Your kids will want their own copies of their drawings and paintings for scrapbooking embellishing or for trading with their friends. Ok, now I'm getting off topic. But, I tell you there are so many possibilities to write about here....

Other things you can use to embellish a Mother's Day scrapbook page or card would be obviously, flowers. What mother doesn't love flowers? For this topic, I will refer you to take a look at our previous post on flower scrapbook embellishments.

A simple scrapbook embellishment for embellishing a mother's day card or layout can be had by
cutting out a rectangle of flowered patterned paper. If the design is large enough, you can outline the flowers using some nice pink glitter glue like the photo shows here of the pink flowered card. Finally cut around the rectangle using deco scissors to finish it off. There you have a quick and easy embellishment to attach to a scrapbook layout tribute to Mom.

A unique scrapbook embellishment that you can make as well would be this card holder embellishment. See photo. To make it, simply cut out some lengths of ribbon and feed them through each other and attach with brads or eyelets at the ends. You can then slip in little notes or photos and there you have a custom scrapbook embellishment for a mother's day layout. She can take out the cards and photos to look at them closer and then put them back in when she is finished looking at them.

Some mother's and probably more grandmother's like quilts. How about decorating a scrapbook page with your own custom paper quilt. See photo at right. You can do it very simply by cutting out 4 equal sized squares and either sewing or gluing them down in the pattern. You can also get really fancy and cut some into triangles and then glue them down in a pleasing pattern. You can also sew the edges with a sewing machine or also make fake stitches by using a marker and drawing on little lines all around the edges. You can really go to town with a quilted scrapbook embellishment.

There are lots of ideas, but these are just a few to get started. Maybe I'll write more when I think of it or when I get some more time. Right now my kids are screaming for some attention, LOL.

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