Scrapbook Embellishments Storage

Now that you have been building up a supply of embellishments to decorate your scrapbook pages with, you will need some creative ideas to store and organize your scrapbook supplies. By the way, if you are making any of your scrapbook embellishments yourself, you should make extra - more than you require for the moment, so that you can have some on hand for the next scrapbook project to come out.
Here are some storage ideas. You can certainly spend some money and purchase scrapbook storage solutions from scrapbook retailers who are selling storage options specifically for scrapbook embellishments. Or, you can use some interesting items you may have around your home already. Also, there are lots of unique storage bins to be had at flea markets or antique stores.

So, let's get started with using items from around your home to store your scrapbook supplies in.

Tool Box - Maybe your husband has a number of tool boxes that can have the tools reduced o
ut of one box and put into others he has. Thus making one of them empty and usable! Sure, why not. Just go and take a look in his garage and have a look around. I bet you'll find lots of tool boxes. Does he really need all of them? No, of course not. And if you ask him he may even say yet, but I would just go ahead and find another place for the items in the box you want. If he says anything, you can always quote how much it would be for you to go out and buy a brand new scrapbook embellishment organizer! Tool boxes are great to store your scrapbook tools in or larger scrapbook embellishments.

Fishing Tackle Box - How often does your husband go fishing anyway? I bet you scrapbook more often than he fishes! So, why should he have all the cool scrapbook embellishment organizers anyway, LOL! Fishing tackle boxes are really good for storing smaller scrapbook embellishments in. Things like brads, eyelets, buttons, etc. There is a home for everything in the small little compartments you will find in a fishing tackle box.

Tupperware Container - If you are like me, you probably have way too many of these plastic containers lying around. Maybe you've even kept yogurt containers with lids or margarine
containers. These can be reused for storing various scrapbooking embellishments.

Shoe Box - You can store packs of stickers or rub-ons in shoe boxes. It's easy to flip through them in these boxes. First you may want to sort them by theme or colour and put each theme or colour in it's own box. Label the box using your scrapbooking supplies too!
Maybe you are interested in displaying some of your scrapbooking embellishments and organizing them at the same time. If you don't have small children around like me, this would be ideal. Then the scrapbook embellishments are visible and there, right at your fingertips. If they are stored away somewhere and out of sight, you are less likely to delve into them and use them. Here are some ideas for pretty displays of scrapbook embellishment organizing.

Old muffin tins - organize your buttons by colour and put each colour in it's own muffin tin. I like the old fashioned muffin tins that you find at the antique store or flea market - or perhaps in your mother's pantry cupboard! The photo above is by Wychbury .

Decorative bowls - find some pretty decorative bowls and sort your brads and eyelets in them. A pretty display for your scrapbook embellishments plus it is fun to run your hands in the bowl letting the eyelets trickle out between your fingers!

Jars - you can get pretty jars from Ikea with nice metal lids or even use some antique Bell or Mason jars. Organize and sort your ribbon scrapbook embellishments by colour and place each ribbon colour in a jar. Keep all your little scraps too as you may need them and they help fill up the jars! The photo above shows jars used for scrapbook embellishment storage by MaisonsPage .

Spice Racks - spice racks are great for storing smaller scrapbook embellishments. Besides having uniformly sized cute little jars, there is also a nice wooden rack or spin contraption available to store the jars in. Such a pretty arrangement. Also, you can have fun decorating up the lids of these jars. Label them with what's inside, but do it using your scrapbook supplies of course!

Salt & Pepper Shakers - use these to store very fine embossing powder, or glitter. How pretty they look! Make sure they are labeled correctly so noone gets the wrong idea with what's inside.

I'm sure as you take a look around your home, you will find lots of interesting things to use to store and organize your scrapbook supplies.

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