Scrapbook Flower Embellishments

Flowers for scrapbooking embellishing can be so expensive. Prima makes some really beautiful ones like you see in the photo at left. BUT, they are so expensive. Also, you only get a few in the package. I've been getting so sick of spending money on flowers for scrapbook embellishing that I thought it time to make some of my own OR go looking for some cheaper ones. Most of the time you are paying for all that packaging.

Guess what? There are cheaper flowers that are just as good for embellishing a scrapbook page than those expensive ones. When I say cheap scrapbook embellishments, that is what I mean. Check out your local dol
lar store. You will be surprised to find cheap scrapbook supplies. (Watch for another post to come on finding scrapbook embellishments at your local dollar store!). Anyway, back to the subject at hand. As I was saying, there are silk flowers by the dozens at my local dollar that are more than suitable for embellishing a scrapbook page.

You may ask, "How do I get a dollar store silk flower to lay flat and be used as a scrapbook embellishment on my page?" Well, get some tough scissors and cut off the shank. Yep, that's right. Cut off the shank. It is as easy as that. Take a brad or eyelet, from your scrapbook embellishment storage, and attach it through the centre of the 'shankless' flower. Then use that to attach your brand new invented scrapbook embellishment flower to your scrapbook layout! No one will ever know.

Now, you may be asking yourself, "But, I thought everything has to be acid free on my page." Well you know what my answer to that is? My answer is, "Who cares about that." Really! Who cares about acid free when you have digital photos? How many people scrap from photos that aren't digital anymore? No one I know, that's for sure. Scrapbook embellishments don't need to be acid free if your photos are digitally backed up. They are on your computer. They
are on cd's. They are on portable hard drives. So who cares about acid free scrapbook embellishments unless you are planning on your scrapbook layout to last forever. That part to me isn't as important as the photos lasting. I'm not that vain that I want my so called "artwork" to last forever. I'm not Picaso or Rembrandt. It's the photos that are important, not the scrapbook page. In this day and time, we are concerned about cheap scrapbooking
embellishments more than acid free. It's all about the fun in creating your own scrapbook embellishments and that they are cost effective.

Looking for more ideas flower embellishments for scrapbooks? Make your own paper flower scrapbook embellishments. There are many ways to do this, all with different outcomes for flowers to use embellishing a scrapbook layout. First start with a template. And, make your own template, no need to buy one. Fold a piece of blank paper in half. From that draw half a flower shape around the fold. Cut it out and open to get your flower shape.
Trace it onto a piece of patterned paper and cut out. Then crinkle it out into a ball and unfold. You will get a distressed scrapbook embellishment flower. You can attach your handmade scrapbook embellishment to your page by punching a hole through the middle and putting a brad or eyelet through it. You can also feed a piece of ribbon through it too like shown in the photo above. I like these flowers because they always turn out different and the effect is one of a 3D scrapbooking embellishment - lovely decoration for your page.

Another method of making a flower scrapbook embellishment is to do the same as above with your template, but now make two more of these. One bigger and one smaller. Then trace these shapes on the back of some pretty patterned paper. I like to use double-sided paper for this as my flower scrapbook embellishment will show the backs once we attach it to the page. Something fun to do is attach a piece of costume jewelry through the centre and attach it to your page.

There, you have some flower scrapbook embellishments - perfect to use on any scrapbook page.

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