Metal Scrapbook Embellishments

Scrapbooking with metal embellishments can add a pleasing look to your page. Not only does it lend unique textures, but it also helps to make for an interesting page overall.

Metal scrapbooking embellishments may come in different types of metal. Brass, gold, silver, antique or even vintage hues. You can even paint or distress plain metal scrapbook embellishments to give a vintage metal scrapbooking look.

The types of metal scrapbook embellishments that are available out there are enormous - this is due to their popularity in the last number of years, of course. There are scrapbook washers with sayings on them, metal word embellishments, small metal scrapbook lettering, and of course charms for any subject like baby, wedding, sports, child, travel, birthday and more. Also considered metal scrapbooking embellishments are metal eyelets and brads. These not only look like an embellishment on a page, but they also act as a method to attach things. See more for this idea below.

When using metal embellishments there are a couple of things you'll you'll be glad to know of.

Firstly, metal embellishments can be heavy, so be careful when carrying the page around. If the page ends up being quite heavy, I would recommend supporting it with a piece of cardboard behind it and then inserting that into your plastic sleeve in the scrapbook album.

The second thing that you'll need to consider when working with metal scrapbook embellishments
is how to attach them. Other than using a really strong metal adhesive glue, you can try using double sided sticky tape, foam tape, or even wire with metal eyelets or brads. ("Making Memories" makes a metal glue which is readily available.) When we talk about using wire, this would be a suitable method if there are holes on the edges of the metal scrapbook embellishment. Often small metal scrapbook letters and words have tiny holes around the edges. This is also true of metal
scrapbooking embellishment charms. You can simply use a metal eyelet or metal brad to poke
through the hole and attach it to your scrapbook
layout. You could also hang several metal
scrapbook embellishments together by stringing
some metal wire through the holes and wrapping it
around. This would make a really neat effect!

Now for the fun! Let's take a look at a few ideas for scrapbooking using metal scrapbook

The cute metal scrapbook embellishments shown at left are actually charms of tiny tools. They would be great for a masculine scrapbook layout. They are made by "Embellish It."

Metal scrapbook embellishment charms come in so many cute shapes. Love the baby themed metal washer charms shown here. They are made by "Making Memories." They are actually metal word embellishments.

You can get metal word scrapbook embellishments also. The ones shown here have the years on them. Also made by "Making Memories."

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