Holiday Scrapbook Embellishments

We just celebrated St.Patrick's Day in our household and took lots of photos for scrapbook pages. I've been looking around and thinking about what kinds of things I can use to embellish my scrapbooking pages. Scrapbook embellishment ideas are what I need. All I had to do was put my thinking cap on.

There are so many free scrapbook embellishments that can be had. You can download free scrapbooking embellishments by searching for downloadable printables or digital scrapbooking embellishments. They are often PDFs that you can download to your own computer and voila: FREE DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING EMBELLISHMENTS!

Other sources for free scrapbook embellishments are found around your home. Have you tried this? Make your own embellishments. It's cheaper and more unique of an option. Let's get thinking. Do you have a heart shaped cookie cutter? You can use it as a pattern to trace out a shamrock onto green cardstock. Simply trace and cut out 3 hearts and glue them down onto your scrapbook page to form a shamrock. You can also cut out a little stem and glue that down too. Another option for a stem is to use a piece of green ribbon or even a green pipe cleaner. To decorate your shamrock scrapbooking embellishment you can add some pretty green glitter glue around the edges or chalk the edges or ink the edges.

Another scrapbooking embellishment that you can use for St. Patrick's Day is a belt buckle. Metal scrapbooking embellishments are always popular. They give added texture and dimension to your scrapbook layout. Find an unused belt and take the buckle off of it. Glue it to your page for a leprechaun's belt. (you can have black cardstock strip underneath for the belt part).

Make a woolly sheep scrapbooking embellishment for your page by gluing mini white pompoms in an oval shape to a piece of cardstock. Glue on a little black snout cut from black cardstock and 4 sticks for legs.

Looking to make more scrapbooking embellishments on your own? Gather together some St. Patrick's Day greeting cards you may have received. Cut out the images and there you have more embellishments for scrapbooking.

Of course, you can also purchase scrapbooking embellishments that are specifically tailored for St. Patrick's Day. Karen Foster Designs makes the cute St. Patrick's Day embellishments for scrapbooks shown above. Also shown are scrapbook embellishments made by Reminisce.

I hope this helps you out a little. I would love to see what ideas you have for making your own St. Patrick's Day scrapbook embellishments.

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